Nakajima Ki.84 Hayate ("Frank")

Ki.84 (21 kb)
A Ki.84 from the 3rd Chutaï, 31rd Sentaï.

The Ki.84 Hayate (meaning: "Gale") is usually considered (along with the Ki.100) as one of the very best Japanese fighters of WW2; one of the very few to be a match for the North American P-51 Mustang on nearly every aspect.
However this high performance plane suffered from reliability problems, due to the poor quality of fuel and to the lack of time and formation for ground crews during the last two years of World War 2.
Colonel Frank McCoy, of the Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit, nicknamed the new Japanese fighter after himself.


Nakajima Ki.84-Ia Hayate Nakajima Ki.84-Ia Hayate "Frank"
Engine Nakajima Ha-45 Model 12 18-cylinder radial 1,670 hp (WEP: 1,825 hp)
Weight empty: 2,660 kg (5,864 lb) - maximum: 3,890 kg (8,576 lb)
Armament Two cowl-mounted 12.7mm guns and two wing-mounted 20 mm cannons
Performance Max speed: 630 km/h (392 mph) Ceiling: 10,500 m (34,450 ft)

Ki.84 (27 kb)
A Shotai (three-plane section) of Ki.84s of the 52th Sentai, at the end of 1944.

Stof's notes about this plane in iMOL's WarBirds

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At last another Japanese Army fighter... and one of the best !
Now I'm looking forward to the Ki.44, Ki.45, and why not a Ki.100...

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