Junkers Ju 52/3m

A Ju 52/3m flight
A Ju 52/3m flight from 1./KGr.zbV. 600 over the Mediterranean Sea, in 1943.
The Ju 52/3m was the Luftwaffe's main transport aircraft throughout the War. Its unmatched ease of use and maintenance made it invaluable to Hitler's expansion plans. After the start of World War 2, because of its poor performance, several new transports were designed, but never managed to replace it, as they lacked the ruggedness and reliability that made the success of the Ju 52/3m.

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The Ju 52/3m was a major instrument in the invasion of Norway, in April 1940.


Junkers Ju 52/3m Junkers Ju 52/3m
Engines BMW 132A-3, nine-cylinder radial (3 x) 730 hp
Weight empty: 5,720 kg (12,610 lb) - with full load: 10,500 kg (23,150 lb)
Armament Three 7.9 mm machine guns: one on each side and one on top.
Performance Max speed: 275 km/h (170 mph) Ceiling: 5,900 m (19,357 ft)

Stof's notes about this plane in iMOL's WarBirds

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The Ju 52/3m appeared in the version 2.5 of WarBirds, as the vector of a new strategic element: paratroopers. It is so far the only plane able to carry these paratroopers, and therefore is a necessity to capture enemy fields.

Strong points:

Weak points:

End of the trip on a Tunisian beach for this Ju 52/3m from 11./KGr.zbV 1 (1943).

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