Hawker Hurricane

Hurricane Mk IIC night interceptor
Hurricane Mk IIC night interceptor
With a maiden flight in 1935, the Hurricane was Britain's first monoplane fighter, and the first British fighter to exceed 300 mph in level flight. It soon became the workhorse of the RAF: more german planes were shot down by Hurricanes during the battle of Britain than by all other british plane types.
By the end of the war, the Hurricane was still in use, mostly as a ground attack plane.


Hurricane Mk I (late) Hurricane Mk I (late)
Engine Rolls-Royce Merlin III liquid-cooled V12 1,030 hp
Weight empty: 2,260 kg (4,982 lbs) - with full load: 2,925 kg (6,447 lbs)
Armament 8x 7.7 mm (0.303 cal) wing-mounted Browning machine guns
Performance Max speed: 511 km/h (318 mph) Ceiling: 10,970 m (36,000 ft)
Hurricane Mk IIC Hurricane Mk IIC
Engine Rolls-Royce Merlin XX liquid-cooled V12 1,280 hp
Weight empty: 2,558 kg (5,640 lbs) - with full load: 3,742 kg (8,250 lbs)
Armament 4x 20 mm wing-mounted Hispano-Suiza cannons
Performance Max speed: 540 km/h (336 mph) Ceiling: 10,400 m (34,120 ft)

Hurricane at Pomigliano (Italy), September 1944
Hurricane at Pomigliano (Italy), September 1944

Stof's notes about this plane in iMOL's WarBirds

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The Hurricane is the oldest design of all planes in WarBirds, but it still holds its own in the common arena, especially the Mk IIC which offers the best firepower of all early war dogfighters.

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