Stof's War Pictures Gallery

P47 Thunderbolt
P47 Thunderbolt

Welcome to my latest project !

This set of pages will allow me to share with you some of my favorite wartime aviation pictures.
The pictures you'll find here include rare pictures, pictures of rare planes, pictures with technical or historical interest, pictures of famous Aces and aviation personnalities, spectacular pictures, or pictures I just happen to find beautiful.

B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell

All the photographs in this gallery were taken between the late thirties and 1945.
I've tried to optimise their quality/download-time ratio, but as these pages have a heavy graphical content, each one may take a few minutes to load completely.
I recommend using at least a 800x600 resolution, 1024x768 with 65000 colors would be perfect.

Ok, enough talking !

Tamed Buffalo
Ever seen a Japanese Brewster Buffalo ?

One last word: should I break a copyright by publishing any of these pictures, just let me know and the picture will be removed.

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