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On October 21st, 1998, WarBirds© 2.5 was released. The next version will be WarBirds© 2.6, which will improve the strategical aspects of the simulation.

The only plane we're sure of so far is the Kawasaki Ki-61 "Hien". We can still hope for a Hawker Typhoon or Hawker Tempest.
Also, a British twin-engined bomber, like the Vickers Wellington, would be a logical addition to fill the "early war British bomber" slot; but it might not be included in version 2.6.

As a counterpart to the German Junkers Ju 52/3m, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain would be a logical choice as an allied paratrooper transport.

Strange sightings...

Me163 Komet The infamous Captain ICI
Messerschmitt Me163 Komet The infamous Captain ICI

These "planes" have been spotted several times in the virtual skies of WarBirds; the first one is a German manned rocket, the other one is the result of an overworked programmer's mind. *8)

Aviation Encyclopedias

P38 nose-art, photo by Stof
"California Cutie", a Lockheed P38 Lightning

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